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Who grooms my pet:

Elizabeth is the Owner and ONLY groomer.

What is included in the grooming:

Every grooming includes bath, blow dry, nail clipping, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, haircut and anal glands expressed upon request.

How long does the grooming take:

We treat each pet individually therefore they each have their own needs to be met. On average a full grooming takes about 2 hours. We call as soon as your pet is finished!

How much does a grooming cost:

Price depends on the size of your dog and the condition of their coat. Please call for an estimate!

Do you groom cats:

No, we do not groom cats. Only dogs, bunnies and guinea pigs!

Does my pet interact with other pets:

We do not allow pets to mingle with each other for safety reasons.

Where is my pet kept when not getting groomed:

Most pets are kept in their own stainless steel kennel. We do have leash hooks on the walls if your pet is not comfortable being in a kennel.

How often should I get my pet groomed:

On average we say 6-8 weeks if your dog requires a haircut and we recommend getting their nails trimmed in between groomings.

Can I drop off my dog before work and pick up when I get off:

We prefer that your pet gets picked up within an hour of us notifying you that they are finished.

Can I tip the groomer:

Gratuities are welcome and most appreciated!

Do I need an appointment to bring my pet in:

We are appointment based and recommend calling at least a week in advance to get the date and time you need. Saturday’s are our busiest day!

Are we accepting NEW clients:

 I am the only groomer at Once Upon A Grooming and I always strive to give each pet that comes in the individual attention they need, a high quality groom and a great stress free overall experience. Therefore I have decided in order to maintain these qualities that Once Upon A Grooming has come to be recognized for, I will not be accepting any NEW clients at this time. I do not have a time frame as to when I will be accepting NEW clients again but I will notify you as soon as I feel comfortable doing so once again.

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